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Hi, my name is Garrett and I am a marketer. This website is a portfolio of some of my personal work covering social media, videography and photography. 

I got my start by shooting and editing video content and photography for a number of freelance clients and production companies. This work covered apparel, real estate, climbing and Youtube.


After a little while, I landed a position in a ski area's marketing department where I applied my content creation skillset to the broader marketing ecosystem. I got to create content for and run large social media accounts, write copy that got seen and collaborate on email marketing, PR and advertising efforts for one of the biggest resorts on the east coast. I learned a ton, had an absolute ball and feel extremely grateful for this experience and exposure. 

Moving forward, I accepted a position with a marketing and PR agency. Shortly after starting I realized that I had inadvertently stumbled into the corner of the business world where my skills fit and were needed. I had found a career. While working here I got to deploy my content marketing expertise across a wide span of clients, hone my email marketing and advertising skills, learn public relations and landed loads of media coverage.

I've always been one to take initiative and draw enjoyment from having a little skin in the game. I took my new skills and experience and dove back into the freelance world where I worked with a variety of clients and agencies on social media, email marketing and web design. After about a year of being freelance and always looking to grow I knew a major step was just around the corner. 

With a proven track record and desire to have a greater impact I launched my own firm called Ramos & Company in 2021. I created this company to provide full service marketing solutions for businesses across real estate, e-commerce and non-profits. If you want to go deeper, I created this company because I care - about good marketing, about the clients I work with and about my own professional development. 


You can follow the journey here


Looking back I am blown away at where my work has led me and I am thrilled to see what the future holds. 

Thanks for reading. 

Who I've Worked With 

Archive Wine and Beer

Hansen Renewable Energy Marketing

Healthy Home Consultants

Ignite Now Media 

Joffe Emergency Services

Just Imagine Marketing and Design 

Louder Than 11

MRD Creative Agency

Origin of Mind

TD Bank

UCraft Climbing