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Being happy at work

Work should be enjoyable. It should be something that we look forward to when we walk up and an activity that we take pleasure in throughout the day. I want to loose myself in my work because when I am fully focused on my tasks not only do I perform better, I smile more throughout the day.

Funny thing is, I’ve found that the actual work I’m executing is only half the equation. The other piece is the attitude I approach my work with.

Here are some things that help me foster a positive attitude and keep a clear mind throughout the day:

  • Going on a morning walk

  • Journaling about how I am feeling and my goals

  • Meditating

  • Reading inspiring literature (I find The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday particularly useful)

  • Listening to music that reminds me of positive memories

  • Getting in touch with friends and family

These things set my day off on the right foot and help me adopt an attitude that sets me up for a great day.

Throughout the work day it can be easy to get lost in hustle and bustle of my to do list and loose a sense of calmness and composure. When I feel an emotion coming up that might shift me from the center I make a conscious effort to focus my thoughts on the positive side of whatever I am doing. The more I do this the more natural it becomes and the best part is I find that my attitude becomes increasingly kind and caring. Over time, I become more interested in others than myself.

You may be thinking “Well all this is great but how does it impact the workplace?”

I’m glad you asked.

Having a positive outlook and a sense of genuine care for others positively influences the workplace because people do their best work when they are happy, surrounded by people they care about while working on a mission that matters to them. When the mind is free of the worries of everyday life there’s more room for innovation, efficiency and teamwork.

The bottom line is - Everybody likes working with happy people.

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