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Five content marketing reminders

Sometimes we’re so caught up in the work that it can be challenging to take a step back and look at what we’re doing. Here are five checkpoints to reference when your content marketing starts feeling out of control.

  1. Bring it back to your company’s mission and values For example, if you are running social for an interior design firm think about why they do what they do and what they identify with. This sets a solid foundation to base your communications on and gives your content marketing direction.

  2. Get clear on your target market This is always a good thing to hone in on. If you’re going after everyone then you’re probably not doing a while lot of business. Your offer has to be a fit for the people you put it in front of.

  3. Consider the frequency and consistency of your content But first, make sure you have something useful to say. Once you have that, growth is all about frequency and consistency.

  4. Educate People want to follow accounts that better their lives. So be helpful. Not only is it a decent thing to do, it’s also a good business practice.

  5. Focus on how you can help your audience It’s not about you. Keep the focus on your customers and serve their needs.

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