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TD Bank 

TD Bank is one of the east coast's premiere banks serving 6.5 millions customers across over 1200 U.S. locations. Every year the bank runs a marketing campaign called #TDThanksYou where they showcase exceptional team members making a difference in the communities they serve. 

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan who is based out of TD's Farmington branch. When COVID hit he gathered volunteers to assist senior citizens and immunocompromised individuals with their grocery shopping. On top of that, he's a pastor who served as a mentor to individuals in the community who needed it the most during the pandemic. 

Part of his community work involves spreading positivity and connection through the power of music. TD Bank gave back by thanking Ryan for all the good work he does in Farmington by gifting him equipment for a home studio in order to continue his incredible community impact. 

In order to capture Ryan's love for the community and his relationship with leaders at TD Bank I directed a photoshoot at three separate locations to best tell his story. During which I captured Ryan's surprise, joy and sincere care for his community as well as his deep connection to TD Bank. The images were used as part of a social media campaign executed by Diamond Marketing Group. 



Work performed through Shutterstock Custom. TD Bank was a client of Diamond Marketing Group.

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